I was born and raised in the City of Good Neighbors, Buffalo, New York. It was there that I grew as a person with a love of nature, storytelling, and a compassion to help people. I moved to Columbus, Ohio to study Illustration at Columbus College of Art & Design where I got my BFA of Fine Arts. Living in the city has made me realized that nature and colorful daydreams are what makes me have a sense of a welcoming home at the end of busy day. Family, my dog best friend, and home are very important to me. I think it is essential to live in a place that can allow people to thrive to be the person they want to be and, most importantly, are. 

I want my art to be accessible by creating stories that can live with you. I would love to make your burrow a beautiful, welcoming, playful, and comfortable place by creating various designs on housewares, stationary, and clothing.

-Sherlann Lewandowski

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